Payment Options (superior Help Desk Pay #7)

Photo 7 of 7Payment Options (superior Help Desk Pay  #7)

Payment Options (superior Help Desk Pay #7)

Payment Options (superior Help Desk Pay #7) Photos Collection

InfoSec Resources - InfoSec Institute (awesome Help Desk Pay  #1)Select The Pay Component That You Want To Add In Salary Structure Of  Employee(s), Select The Month From Which You Want To Add The Pay Component  And Select . (exceptional Help Desk Pay  #2)Help Desk Pay  #3 How To Customize Format Of Pay Slips?Can I Pay With A Bank Account Or ACH? ( Help Desk Pay #4)The Annual Salary Report 2015 (marvelous Help Desk Pay  #5)Help Desk Pay  #6 Go To Payroll Settings > Salary Components And Double Click On The Salary  Component That Is Not Visible In Pay Slip.Payment Options (superior Help Desk Pay  #7)


op•tion (opshən),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. the power or right of choosing.
  2. something that may be or is chosen;
  3. the act of choosing.
  4. an item of equipment or a feature that may be chosen as an addition to or replacement for standard equipment and features: a car with a long list of extra-cost options;
    a telephoto lens option for a camera.
  5. See  stock option. 
  6. a privilege acquired, as by the payment of a premium or consideration, of demanding, within a specified time, the carrying out of a transaction upon stipulated terms;
    the right, as granted in a contract or by an initial payment, of acquiring something in the future: We bought one lot and took a 90-day option on an adjoining one.
  7. [Football.]a play in which a back has a choice of either passing or running with the ball.

  1. to acquire or grant an option on: The studio has optioned his latest novel for film adaptation.
  2. to provide with optional equipment: The car can be fully optioned at additional cost.
option•a•ble, adj. 

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